Painted for the lovely lady and friend of mine who bought Fleur at my exhibition. There is another to come as a series!! All little flower fairies. I especially love the ghostly white bubbles around her.

In other news I have been reading RUSSH and had to note how much I loved the interview with Daul Kim... (not just another model who "I loves fashion TV. ")

"I am very good at sitting still and doing nothing.
I can sit for two or three hours and not get bored."

"No one has given me a nickname since I was young 'cos I have a cold intimidating face (when I don't smile.)"
(This made me laugh especially because I thought of my dear Vietnamese friend Thi's similar blank Asian expression. I also wondered if she really did specify that it was only cold and intimidating when she doesn't smile or if Russh added this in to translate her blunt answer; once again, as we do for Thi.)

"I didn't really speak until I was 7 and no one really talked to me until I got much older."

I was also delighted to find she had a blog.. too which I am heading to right now.

Happy hump day! xx