My space!
My dad claims Genevieve.
See the rolled up piece of paper? It's his painting, stay back!

Me and the girls dressed up like my paintings!
Even more beautiful in real life!
Me and my little brother!
Love this shot.


aren't the girls stunning??

that's me having a little snack with Daisy. Sebastian thought it was funny to put a leash on me.

A few pics from opening night !
These are from my digi, so you'll have to excuse the poor quality. Also, it doesn't look very busy on the night because I was stuck behind my desk and schmoozing around with people !!
The lovely Jodi Newlands will have some professional photos for me soon and I will be sure to upload them.
The night was a huge success and I have to thank everyone that helped me. Especially all my beautiful talented friends, a collection of make up artists, photographers, builders, fashion advisers and handy hands.
I wore a beautiful dress by Wayne Cooper (as the rabbit.. duh) and the girls were dressed to the 9's in some of my dresses by Manning Cartell and Lucette.

You can see the exhibition collection on my website.

Keep an eye out for my next appearance at Leeloo's 'Once Upon' exhibition on the 19th of November at Sydneys aMbush gallery 6-9pm.
There are some beautiful artists that I am so honoured to be amongst so do yourself a favour and check it out. The exibition will be open from 10am to 5pm through to Sunday 22nd November.

Make up: the ever lovely Jodi Farrell
(she deserves special credit, the girls looked a-mazing)
Beautiful models: Dominique Bandeira
Sasha Kleeman
Bree Achee