Winter's a'comin' and here are a few different looks from 3 of my most favourite
Australian designers
I'll be wearing a sheer silks, bold prints and drapey fabric in the colder months for..

Manning Cartell
'Viking Revival'
Manning Cartell always seem to strike that blance between sexy and classy
I'm lusting over the red viking print
I've got the long sleeve lace dress (pic 1) on order through Mixed Lollies
Can't wait to rock it in winter with opaque tights and chunky ankle boots

The soft romantic embroided mesh fabric makes the collection
'SHOOT ME' stick in my mind and heart
I'll be channelling Jane Birkin in the panelled bustier chiffon dress (pic 4) 
And running through the fields of my mind
in the 'daisy chain' mesh bell sleeve dress (pic 1)
in nothing but undies underneath of course....

Maurie & Eve
'Phoenix Rising'
The soft sultry force known as Bambi could sell anything to me
and when she's wearing Maurie & Eve my heart melts a little more for the soft drapey silks
and ikat-y printing
I'll have one 'death valley' dress (pic 1) and heck, just tell me
where to sign for one of those 'phoenix' dresses in the kuba print (pic 3)

Ar fashion, how I'm drawn to you like a wide eye heel wearing
moth to a red silk flame